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The wind ensemble and chamber orchestra from Santa Monica High School is making their journey from sunny California to the rocky shores of Ireland this April! On April 5th, the group will be performing at 7pm in the Waterside Theatre in the vibrant city of Derry. These skillful musicians come from a programme of highly trained musicians, totaling up a whopping 11 ensembles with more than 250 students in the entirety of Santa Monica’s music programme.

With those kinds of numbers, it’s unsurprising that this music programme is totally familiar with making waves. They were originally formed in 1915, making it one of California’s oldest high school ensembles, known then as simply “The Santa Monica High School Band.” But the Samohi Band and Orchestra, as they’re known today, don’t stick to just their California beaches; they are proper globetrotters! From performances in New York, DC, and Chicago to making the leap across the pond to London, Rome, and now Dublin, this incredible ensemble should be on your radar.

For their first performance in Ireland, they will be taking to the stage in the Waterside Theatre in Derry. Though the remnants of the space’s previous use are long gone, this multipurpose space boasts history and modernity in one fell swoop. It was once a factory, but it’s now a communityand art-oriented space, converted for performances of all kinds, a cinema, and a gallery—making it the perfect place for the Samohi Band and Orchestra to share some history.