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If you loved seasons 1 & 2 of Derry Girls, then you’ll love season 3! The season finale aired on Channel 4 earlier this year and is now available to you international Derry Girls on Netflix. The Derry lingo is unique. So, to help our friends across the pond understand the Derry lingo we've compiled a list of our favourite sayings - and their meanings - from the show. 

Here's a list of 'Derryism' and their meanings:

1) Catch yourself on: Don’t be ridiculous

2) Dry your eyes: Stop moaning

3) Wise up: Don’t be stupid

4) Stall the ball: Stop what you’re doing

5) Ye poor critter: Someone who evokes sympathy

6) Ye must think I came up the Foyle in a bubble: You must think I’m stupid. Foyle refers to the River Foyle in Derry).

7) He’s such a dose: A dose means someone is annoying

8) I feel a bit bokey: I feel sick

9) You're quare and green: Are you being serious?

10) Dirty brute: Something that you feel is bad

11) Sandwiches like doorsteps: A sandwich with very thickly cut slices of bread

12) I’m mortified: I’m highly embarrassed

13) If she was chocolate, she'd eat herself: Referring to someone who is conceited

14) Happy days: To be pleased about the situation

15) Gaff: House

16) Waine: Child

If you liked these, then you’ll love our favourite catchphrases from the season 3.

1) "Jesus, this looks class! This Scottish drag queen takes on the entire English Army."

2) "I asked me Ma to light a candle."

3) "I've seen corpses that are a better colour."

4) "Things got a bit too bomby."

5) "If you're that hot, you should at least have the common decency to be a bit thick."

6) "If you vote yes, your allowed to swing both ways. You can be Irish. You can be British. Or you can be Bi."

7) "How many pieces of Communion do you think you would need to swallow to eat a whole Jesus?"

8) "Truth is Declan, they’re from Derry."

9) "Your face should be a criminal offence."

10) "I've read through thon introduction 30 bloody times - I'm still none the wiser."

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