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Tourism Northern Ireland’s latest Visitor Attitudes Survey outlines key reasons why visitors visit Northern Ireland. 

Our city influenced 22 per cent of visitors to come to Northern Ireland and one of the biggest draws were our City Walls – with 15 per cent of people asked saying they visited them during their trip.

The Giant’s Causeway had the biggest influence on visitors – with 54 per cent. 

The Visitors Attitudes Survey detailed some of those visitors experiences, with one tourist saying the Museum of Free Derry was one of their highlights. 

They said: “Meeting and speaking with a guide at the Museum of Free Derry was an unforgettable experience. Their knowledge and willingness to share personal experiences are memorable. It was an amazing and unexpected opportunity to help me better understand the political history of the area.”

While another visitors praised the Guildhall saying: “The tour of the Guildhall was fantastic. Our guide’s ability to bring history to life was an experience I will not forget.”

View the survey here.