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Picture the scene, this time two years ago, Tuesday nights were ‘pure buzzin’.

We were in the throes of Derry Girls season two and each and every episode brought it with a different level of hilarity.

The Girls returned to Channel 4 for the second series in March, and filled our Tuesday nights with hearty belly-laughs for a whole 30 minutes.

Shortly after series two ended Channel 4 officially announced that the award-winning comedy has been commissioned for a third series; to the delight of their fans.

The Bafta-nominated show, has now left us wanting more.

So, if you’re like us and are having Derry Girls withdrawals, then perhaps you’ll enjoy looking back on our favourite sayings from seasons two and one.


  1. Christ but she’s some set of pipes on her
  2. You big pair of knickers
  3. What in under Christ
  4. Don’t milk it
  5. That’s totally just wrecked my buzz
  6. Aye, so ye are
  7. I am buzzin for this weekend
  8. Craic killer
  9. Relax the cacks
  10. Not a baldies
  11. The wind could have cut you in two
  12. Nothing but a pair of hallions (naught children)
  13. Who put 50p in the eejit
  14. Boke-O-Rama


  1. Aye fair dos, Derry is class
  2. Stall the ball
  3. Catch yourself on
  4. Dry your eyes
  5. Ye must think I came up the Foyle in a bubble
  6. We got the gist; they ran out of spuds, everyone was raging
  7. Dennis gave us a free pick ‘n’ mix, bonbons and all
  8. Derry Journal are on their way round, they said we could make page 5
  9. You’re a walking cack attack
  10. I showed you THE walls, and they’re nothing short of spectacular
  11. I have to give it to ye. That is a cracker blow dry
  12. We’re Mary and Gerry and we’re living in Derry.
  13. I’ll compromise you through that window
  14. You’re not as slow as ye look
  15. All the cracker stuff we have here