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We love everything 'Derry Girls' and are thrilled the show is aired on Netflix in America. To help our friends across the pond understand the Derry lingo we've compiled a list of our favourite sayings - and their meanings - from the show. 

The cast were recently in the Walled City to film episodes for 'Derry Girls' season two. We can't wait to find out what they, and the 'wee English fella' gets up to in the next season. 

The show follows the lives of four schoolgirls in Derry during the 1990s and portrays how life went on in the Walled City in the days of civil unrest.

It was a huge sucess when it aired in Ireland for the first time this year, reaching an audience of 2.5 million in Britain. Written by Derry’s Lisa McGee, the show was Channel 4’s biggest comedy since 2004. 

Here's a list of 'Derryism' and their meanings:

1) Catch yourself on

 (Don’t be ridiculous)

2) Dry Your eyes

(Stop moaning)

3) Wise up

(Don’t be stupid)

4) Stall the ball

(Stop what your doing)

5) Ye poor critter

(Someone who evokes sympathy)

Derry Girls sayings

6) Ye must think I came up the Foyle in a bubble

(You must think I’m stupid. Foyle refers to the River Foyle in Derry).

7) He’s such a dose

(A dose means someone is annoying)

8) I feel a bit bokey

(I feel sick)

9) You're quare and green

(Are you being serious?)

10. Dirty brute

(Something that you feel is bad)

If you liked these, then you’ll love our favourite catchphrases from the show too.

1) "We got the gist, they ran out of spuds, everyone was raging."

2) "You can’t ring ChildLine every time your ma threatens to kill ye."

3) "We’re Mary and Gerry and we’re living in Derry."

4) "I have to have to give it to ye. That is a cracker blow dry."

5) “Sure ye couldn’t pay you to eat a cream horn.” “Cream finger it was.”

6) "You’re a walking cack attack."

7) "I showed you THE walls and they’re nothing short of spectacular."

8) "Didn’t even finish my Chinese."

9) "Dennis gave us a free pick ‘n’ mix, bonbons and all."

10) "Derry Journal are on their way round, they said we could make page 5."

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