Lo & Slo


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Food Ovation Centre, North West Regional College, Strand Rd, Derry-Londonderry, BT48 7AL

Lo & Slo began in 2010 as an idea to pursue a healthier and more wholesome way of life through cooking, blogging, and creating ways to cut chemicals and preservatives out of our family’s lifestyle.

It quickly grew into a food business, by way of a family health crisis and an increasing obsession with barbecued foods and flavours from ‘home’ in America. We currently have two sauces, with a third hot sauce and three dry rubs in development, and a range of smoked meats prepared for ‘family style’ catering.

Lo & Slo aims to nourish and nurture: our clean ingredients are good for the body (and taste buds!), but we also do our best to ensure every person who comes in contact with us and our products leaves better than when they came: less stressed, more nourished. People are not just numbers and targets to be met -- without people, this is just a dream. I want to be a business that betters people and the community around me.