Bogside History Tours


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Guildhall Street, Londonderry, BT48 6DQ

Bogside History Tour
A tour of the Derry Bogside that gives a first hand analysis of Bloody Sunday. An educational insight to the Civil Rights era, Bloody Sunday and the conflict that ensued.

The tour includes:
Derry from 1968
Civil Rights Association
Internment without Trial
The background to the March
The day of hte march and killings
The widgery inquiry and hte cover up
The Bloody Sunday Justice Campaign

We also run other tours including the Historic City Walls Tour and Maiden City Taxi tours.

Opening times

11:00 & 13:00 every day
Additional 15:00 tour Mon - Fri (April - October)


£6 o- £9 per person including ticket to Museum of Free Derry
Maiden CityTaxi tours from £25 per hour for 4 people

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