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Among the happiest of those sounds is the multi-lingual chatter of more international visitors than ever - from conference delegates and backpackers to cruise passengers and tourists of all kinds - who are discovering the delights of a compact city which is unlike any other. Having been awarded the 2013 first ever UK City of Culture and placed by Lonely Planet as the fourth best city to visit in 2013 by a panel of travel experts, Derry is the place to be!
Londonderry, Derry, Doire or even 'Legenderry' as it has been recently renamed, is a centre of culture and creativity. Derry is now revealing to all-comers the creative vibrancy and generosity of spirit that has always been apparent to those who knew her best. It's a city famous for its confident modern outlook as it is for the timeless quality of its craic. Long an undiscovered gem, Derry~Londonderry stands today in the midst of a compelling transformation. It is a city emerging from a long and colourful history to showcase its brilliance to the world, like a butterfly emerging from a chrysalis of conflict. Here in our City you can expect many a smile of greeting from people who are noted worldwide for their friendly hospitality
Meander through the bustling streets of the only completely Walled City in Ireland and the British Islesand listen to the echoes of 1450 years of history. Stroll along its 17th century walls which recently their 400th anniversary, and marvel at the ever-changing skyline of a city which is constant only in the warmth of its welcome. Stroll across the gleaming new Peace Bridge which curves majestically across the River Foyle leading to the spectacular new development at Ebrington.

Gateway to Ireland's Northwest, our city is pulsing with life, resonant with centuries of heritage and passion, yet fresh as an Atlantic breeze.

This is a joyful regional centre filled with celebration and inspiration, as manifested in the number and quality of our festivals and special events throughout the year. Energetic, outward looking and high-spirited, this is truly a city for all seasons.

We look forward to you joining us!

St. Augustine's ChurchThe GuildhallMemorial Hall

2013 saw the launch of a new Digital Atlas of Derry~Londonderry. See how our streets and buildings have changed and where areas of growth had developed and changed within the city over the centuries with simply the click of a button

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Walled City Heritage Trail

Trace the story of this vibrant Walled City and see the ever changing skyline of a city constant in the warmth of its welcome...
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Download the City Walls Gazetteer.  Click here to download now!

                                                                 City Walls Gazetteer

Key Dates in Derry's History
546 Founding by St. Columba
1607 Flight of the Earls
1608 Plantation of Ulster
1613-18 Building of City Walls
1628-33 Building of Cathedral
1688/89 Siege of Derry
1695 Penal Laws
1718 Emigration Begins
1845-49 Famine in Ireland
1860 Shirt Industry
1914 World War I
1916 Easter Rising
1919-21  Irish War of Independence
1932 Amelia Earhart lands
1939-45 World War II
1968 Civil Rights Marches
1972 Bloody Sunday
1994 Ceasefires
1998 Good Friday Agreement
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