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Start your tour with a stroll along the City Walls or take an Inner City Guided Walking Tour - historic tour or perhaps a literary tour with one of the well-informed and good-humoured Tour Guides - the city's history is so complex and its present is so dynamic that it takes a local expert to explain it all entertainingly and answer your questions. You can find a list of Tour Guides here

Along your walk you can hear all about the famous 105-day siege of 1688 when the Apprentice Boys closed the Gates against the forces of King James II and stand beside a 1595 cannon on ancient ramparts. Then just a couple of steps away, you can hear Ireland's oldest bells ringing out from the spire of St. Columb's, the first Cathedral  built after the Reformation.  Your tour should take in all the main sights along the one-mile circuit, including the original Gates - Shipquay, Butcher, Bishop and Ferryquay. 

The Walls are among the best preserved city fortifications in the Western World. They rise to a height of 8m ( 26ft) and in places are 9m (30ft) wide. Completed in 1618 to defend the Plantation city, the walls have never been breached in three major sieges - even during the 105 day siege of 1689 when 7,000 of the 30,000 population died of starvation. You can also find out the history and marvel at the beauty of some of the city's oldest churches, St Augustine's and St Columb's Church situated within the Walls. 

The newly renovated Guildhall Square, with its beautiful new fountains is overlooked by the City Walls and the historic Guildhall which is now open for tours. Meanwhile across the street the award winning Peace Bridge will take you across the River Foyle to Ebrington Square and the hidden gem of St Columb's Park, home to a unique Adventure Playground and vibrant festivals like the Carnivale of Colours. 

Why not take in the city on board an open top bus tour. Top Tours Ireland offer visitors the opportunity to see the city from on high. Not to be missed! To see the city from a different perspective, take a Taxi Tour, River Cruise or go your own way with an MP3 tour.

Derry~Londonderry also acts as a gateway and base which you can explore the beauty of the North West of Ireland. Tours are available from our Tourist Information Office to the stunning Giant's Causeway, Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge, Ulster American Folk Park, Doagh Famine Village and tours of Donegal/the Inishowen Penninsula. In all a wealth of tour options await the visitor and don't forget to call into the Tourist Information Centre for updated tour information.

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