The Bogside (Heritage Trail)


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This area first developed as a residential area in the 18th Century. However, industry had developed around the docks area as shipbuilding and shirt-making attracted people from the Catholic community back to the city from Donegal and the West of Ireland looking for work. Some older housing from the 18th and 19th centuries still remained in the area until the 1960's, however housing provision was limited and it was common practice for many families to live in one house. Protests about the housing conditions was one of the predominant factors for the organisation of a Civil Rights march on the 5th October 1968. The banning and subsequent RUC baton charging of the marchers led to rioting in the Bogside, this event is often seen by many as the start of the troubles in Northern Ireland. It was also in the Bogside that the event which became known as 'Bloody Sunday' occurred on 30th January 1972.