Kevin McAleer Saying Yes to Yes

Limavady, 29 Apr 2017

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Roe Valley Arts & Cultural Centre, 24 Main Street, Limavady, BT49 0FJ

Join spiritual guru Kevin McAleer for a mind-splitting evening of living fully in the moment, with meditation, mindfulness, deep breathing, tree visualization, bananarama yoga, straw bale therapy, psychic flower arranging, firewalking with dolphins and ego massage. McAleer is recognized worldwide and beyond as Tyrone’s leading Zen Buddhist saint, having trained for thirty three years under the legendary Deepjoy Chakra in Peru, before founding the Institute of Light™ in Strabane in 1972. He will be signing copies of his thirty nine classic self-help books, including the bestselling ‘Idiot’s Guide to Low Self Esteem’, which has been translated into more than 94,000 languages
worldwide. The show may contain extreme laughter.

Opening times

Show starts at 20:00


Tickets: £15 / £13